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ProE Rent/Lease


ProE Rent/Lease

Just going to try this for grins...

A while ago I asked about renting/leasing ProE seats and received mixed replies. Some said they were able to do this and others said that PTC no longer offered such an option (which was confirmed by our PTC sales rep).

I'm suspecting VARs choose to rent/lease ProE seats but PTC does not - is that true?


Terrence (Terry) McFall
CAD Systems Administrator

Varian Medical Systems
Palo Alto, CA US
650-424-6039 desk
650-799-0179 cell



I have a situation where we have some users(asia) of our CAD
tools(Proe-CAD/CAE) who want to access some of our CAD licenses. Here is
a general breakdown of the situation

For my division all users in the US get licensing from one facility. Our
asian counterparts have their own proe install that is managed over
there. We both work for the same mother company, but they work for a
different organization(reporting structure) than we do in the US. We
both work on the same products.

I found this link on regarding license agreements

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