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OK i accept my mistake & i assure you that in future such thing
won't happen again. some friends have mentioned the truth that
we are more interested in taking rather then giving ( we read
the answers to our questions but do not post a summary ) and i
accept honestly that i also belonged to the same clan but i am
out of it, also we must comunicate (Queries or answer summary)
such that it is easily understandable by the intended reciepient.
One request i have that please don't take it to a
particular community or country after all we are here to
create a knowledge base for all of us and for the future to
come, regardless of caste and creed.

Thanks & regards

Thanks for pointing out one of the weaknesses of my argument. I didn't
mean to imply (though I certainly did) that it is people from only other
countries (Non-USA) that are guilty of not posting summaries. I would be
willing to bet that both in absolute numbers as well as percentages
American users lead in this category.

What I was trying to emphasize is that it might be due to the fact that
some users in non-English speaking countries don't write or speak
English that well that they are not posting summaries and the requests
they make are short and often don't provide much detail. I couldn't even
begin to imagine trying to post a question to a forum/email list with a
primary language other than English. I'm sure I could and I would if I
needed the information badly enough and was fairly certain the
information could be obtained through that resource. My point is that I
probably would not want to take the time to try and summarize in a
useful way (to others at least) all the information that came in as a
result of my request. Especially if I had to take the time to translate
it and hope that my grammar, punctuation, and format were correct. Not
to mention trying to make sure my thoughts were conveyed accurately.

I am trying desperately to avoid broad generalizations due to the
volatile nature of such characterizations and the backlash often
following them. I'm simply trying to explain what, in my mind, MIGHT be
happening. I'm not faulting anyone for it. All I'm saying is it would be
nice if some kind of summary was posted if you (or me, or others) are
going to ask perfect strangers to take time out of their schedule to
help us.

I know that in the long run it benefits us all if we each contribute but
that gets lost sometimes in the daily bustle and its easy to say "it
won't hurt if I don't post a summary this time". I've done it myself.
What's important is to recognize that if we each do our little part then
this system will be loaded with useful information in a format that is
easy to store or search.

That's enough preaching for me. I just wanted make sure neither you nor
anyone else thought I was busting on non-US users. It is all of us that
make this such a unique and information rich resource.

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