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SUMMARY: Faking geo tags


SUMMARY: Faking geo tags

Thanks to all that responded. Mike - you are right the second picture is
not in the standard. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. It is in
the standard to allow attachment to dimensions and to geometry as shown
in the first view though. You can't do both of these in Pro/E - it makes
you pick one or the other.

I will have to think about how I ultimately want to show this. I
received two symbols that are identical. One is attached.

Thanks again to everyone for the help.


Ha! My checkers whack me up along side the head for doing that.
Datums should be defined and qualified only once on a drawing.

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 4:22 AM, Rees, Christopher <
-> wrote:

> Yeah, the problem was that once you do that if you want to show it
> somewhere else in another way (like in a dimension) you can't.
> Chris

YIKES.... creating dedicated features for use as GTOL datums makes
changes down the road SO much more efficient.... especially if that same
rogue checker renames or moves said datums or blows up the whole
tolerancing/dimensioning scheme....If a copy of the part is used in a
manner that requires a tolerance scheme change, these features can be
tweaked as required.

Very often, these dedicated features are placed with as much thought and
care as any of the features in the model....

Take away their juice boxes red pencils!!

Have a great week,

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