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SUMMARY: monitor performance question


SUMMARY: monitor performance question

Wow, lot's of replies to this one. Thanks to everybody who replied.

Here are the suggestions I got

1) upgrade your NVIDIA driver to the newest one. - tried it, didn't

2) Disable NView. - tried it, didn't work

3) In the NVidia control panel, set "Multi-display/mixed-GPU
acceleration" to "Multi-display performance mode" - it already was

4) Perhaps using two monitors with the same resolution will resolve it?

5) Perhaps using two identical monitors will resolve it.

6) Get one big 30" screen!

7) Set open_draw_simp_rep_by_default to "NO" - already was (the sender
admitted this one was "from left field" and might not do anything, but it
had fixed some similar issues in the past

😎 Upgrade to WF4 - some users had the issue in WF3 (which we're on) but
it went away in WF4.

9) It might just be an issue with the card - some of the NVidia cards
are great with one monitor, but don't handle two well.

I think my solution will be to just live with it for now, and hope that
maybe if we upgrade to WF4 or 5 someday, it'll fix it.


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