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Setting up to work OUTSIDE of Windchill...


Setting up to work OUTSIDE of Windchill...

I have some work where essentially the end product is "pretty pictures" of concept ideas that I believe would be easier to complete outside of our normalWindchill 10.1 M10 environment (with Creo2 M030). Back in the Wildfire days, I remember being able to create a new Pro/E start up command that didn't link to Windchill by running ptcsetup. I would think there would be a way to do so in Creo? Anyone have the proceedure? I am notnearly as fluent in the intricacies of Creo set as I was with Wildfire, so steps would begreat.

I do realize that I can go into Server Manager and work "offline", however that still defaults into workspaces. I would prefer to just work unfettered by Windchill; filing to a specific directory on my hard drive, changing and renaming things as I see fit...

thanks in advance...

23-Emerald IV

Instead of offline, choose "no server" (just double click on it). Then you will be back to plain old working directories.

In order to create a startup that doesn't know about your windchill server, you need to do several things.

1. You really need to define a different cache location for non-PDMLink work. Even when you don't use PDMLink, Creo has a cache location where it stores favorites, ribbon customizations etc. I've elected to create all my cache folders under the user profile.

2. You need to delete all the references to the last used server that Creo leaves laying around your system. What you need to delete changes with each maintenance build. So what I show in my talk, may need modification for your current build.

3. Then you need to tell this startup script to use the new cache location you defined.

Look at this presentation:
slide 13, running processes,
slide 14, Creo 2.0 Server Registrations,
slide 15, How to log into multiple servers. <-- this one specifically

Creo Admin 101

If you don't want to mess with the Windchill server registry, just activate NO SERVER mode in the Server Manager (as previously suggested by Tom Uminn).

Starting with CP2 M100, if PTC_WF_ROOT is defined the Server Manager data file will be isolated under the folder %PTC_WF_ROOT%\CPA.Home\2.31\ServerMgr (along with Creo Platform Agent files). This makes it easy to have environments with segregated connections to various WC servers (Prod, Test, etc.), as well as the use case you described with no server...

One way to accomplish this is by defining a new startup configuration under <creo2 loadpoint=">\Parametric\bin

  1. Create a copy of an existing .psf & .bat pair.

  2. Rename each file to the same basename (i.e., parametric_noserver.bat, parametric_noserver.psf)

  3. Edit the .bat to reference the correct .psf.

  4. Edit the .psf as follows:

    • update DESC=Creo Parametric (NO SERVER)

    • update ENV=PRO_MECH_COMMAND to reference the correct .psf

    • add the following at the bottom:
      ENV=PTC_WF_ROOT=<absolute path=">

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