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Solidwork Import


Solidwork Import

Anyone know if Pro-E Wildfire 2.0 can open Solidwork files? .SLDPRT

Douglas Bowles/Sr. Mechanical Designer
[DKBowles & Assoc. Inc.]


Pro-E Wildfire 2.0 cannot read or open a SW file, unless the file is
exported first as a Pro-E file ("dumb" solid with coordinate system, and
datum planes). SW can also export the assembly file as a Pro-E assembly.

However, especially with injection-molded parts, I have found it is better
to save the SW file as a STEP file before importing into Pro-E. Sometimes
this files exported from SolidWorks as a Pro-E file come in as a surface
model, and require the geometry to be healed before it can be converted into
a solid model. An eDrawings file can be exported from SW if you need to read
a drawing with dimensions and tolerances.

I have heard that Pro-E Wildfire 4.0 can read SW files, and even recreate a
feature-based history from the SW file. If this is true, I would be
interested in hearing the results from another Pro-E user who has performed
this test, as I do not yet have Pro-E WF 4.0.


Pro-E Wildfire 3.0 & 2.0

SolidWorks 2007

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