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Space Explorer - Button Programing


Space Explorer - Button Programing

How have others programmed the buttons on their Space Explorer Spaceball? I used an old Spaceball for many years, that one only had one button to program. I had it set-up to lock out rotations, I could pan and zoom in/out. If I picked the button it'd then allow pan, zoom and rotate. I'm now using a Space Explorer Spaceball and it has more buttons. I was only used to the single button, so I have the "F" button set to toggle the rotations on/off, similar to how my old Spaceball was set-up. With all the other buttons on there, I'm sure it could be useful and a time saver to program other buttons, but I haven't messed with them. So I'm just wondering how others have their Spaceball programed with multiple buttons. Also can you program the buttons to run mapkeys?

Thanks for any advice/tips/etc.

Ted Otto

TEAM Industries


For other 3Dconnexion products, the 3DxWare (MS Windows) control panel
will program almost task you can think of for the device and/or Pro-E.
For both the space traveler and space pilot, I have programmed the
buttons to pull up mapkeys or spaceball/space mouse settings.

21-Topaz II

I have the Space Traveler which has two buttons. The RH button I have
set to reorient to the default view, the LH is set to Ctrl so I don't
have to remove my hand to select groups of items.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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