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Summary: Laser cut font


Summary: Laser cut font

Thanks for the quick replies. It seems that there are a lot of sites
out there providing free and commercial fonts. I did not get any
recommendations for a specific font and I will just have to sort out
what we want and go from there.


Ron Grabau

Responses below:

Hi Ron,

Interesting question. I have been looking for something like that for a
long time and keep coming up empty handed. I wonder how one would go
about creating a custom font. We have the same issue with another laser
programming system.


Hello Ron -

Perhaps you missed this exchange occuring last July.

Randy Foster

P. E. Support


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Try Googling for "free true type stencil fonts"

Here a good site I've used before:
<http:" fonts=" stencil_fonts_2.html=">



The site below is pretty good for having fonts. Although it may not
have exactly what your looking for. Even if it doesn't have what you
want it is always fun to be able to find popular fonts. (I had fun with
the Coke font once in sheet metal, it turned out really good.)



If you find what you are looking for, could you send me what you find?

I have the same need. No help from PTC or my Pro/E reseller.

Check here. You can down load fonts right away without register pretty
neat stuff. Unfortunately you have to scan to find what you want.

Ron Rich

Pro|E can use any true type font, you just need to put the *.ttf file in
the <proe_loadpoint>/text folder. I bet if you do a Google search on
'free stencil font' you'd come up with something.

Doug Schaefer


A few people were interested how to create custom fonts. One way is to
create your own TTF with a program. I have used corel draw to do this in
the past but a simpler program like in the link below should be an easier
way. Alternately a long time ago there is a way to do this in proe via some
form of file I don't recall al the steps but I do remember it was extremely
time consuming and all I did was the company logo so we could put it on our
parts. You had to input x,y points in a file then read the file into pro
and it created a font file.


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