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Summary - PDM for Pro/E


Summary - PDM for Pro/E

Those of us using ProdC have known this for a few months, PTC has given us
until the beginning of the year to find another solution. Supposedly
there is a possible solution but my understanding that PTC hasn't notified
SofTech if that solution is viable yet. It seems like PTC is trying to
cut the legs out from under those of us who have not decided to accept the
one company plan that they have been pushing for a couple of years now. I
do not have the time to research a new PDM package until after the first
of the year so they have really put us in a bad place. We are hoping that
this possible solution will work for us, but it will require us to shell
out more money to PTC for it to work, which is what they were looking for
all along, I guess.

When the ProdC users had a conference call with SofTech, approximately a
third, from what I heard, were looking at another CAD package, because
they do not want this to happen again in a few years when PTC decides they
can no longer partner with ANSYS or other major 3rd party contributors to
many of the user base. Others would consider going to another CAD package
but their government requirements make the change over for them more of a

It will be painful but hopefully we can get through it without becoming
more dependant on PTC, even if that is what they want.

Brian S. Lynn
Technical Coordinator, Product Engineering
Business Continuity with Creo: Learn more about it here.