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Summary: PTC & Custom Libraries

21-Topaz II

Summary: PTC & Custom Libraries

Well, no responses to this, I guess there's no easy way to implement
your own library. 

  I called PTC and asked the guy in India about it.  He pointed me to
this TPI that explains the *.mnu file structure:

The only way to do this is to manually create each *.mnu file for each
folder in your company library.  We have dozens of folders of parts,
what a pain.  It would seem that this shouldn't be real hard to
automate, but what do I know.

FYI -  I checked the audit trail of several parts in the PTC basic
library (from the 2001 CD's) and they show no modifications since 1997
or 1994.  I asked the PTC guy if they had been updated since, he said to
download them and check.  Uh, the reason I asked was to see if I needed
to download or not.  I was kind hoping they had been since they were
never very well modeled to begin with and there is new functionality
(component interfaces) that would be nice to have integrated with them.
He indicated there were WF, WF2 and WF3 versions available, but I saw
only WF1.  Anyone with a WF1 library installed want to check the audit
trail off a couple parts?

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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