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UPDATE Equivalent in PDMLink


UPDATE Equivalent in PDMLink


In ProIntralink if you were to accidentally modify a file in your workspace which was not supposed to be modified then you could click on it and select UPDATE to make it same as the Commonspace copy.

What is its equivalent in PDMLink? That is, if I accidentally modify a file on my workspace and want to make it same as the file in the Folder, how can I do that. Please help.




If the object is currently checked out: select Undo Checkout, and make sure you select Download for workspace content status before completing

If the object is not checked out, is the latest version and is modified: pre-select the object in the workspace and then select add to workspace, making sure Download is set for Primary Content in the Add to WS UI (Basic tab) and you uncheck "Reuse content in target ws"

if the object is in pro/E session - you may use the pro/e file menu to select Update and Integrate - this gets complicated but it works - not enough time here to go into the details of that menu though

hope this helps

Also - if the object is in Pro/E session and is checked out - just use undo checkout as well through the Pro/E file menu if the object is in session and make sure to replace in session when the pop-up appears

From: Menendez,Frank,IRVINE,R&D
Sent: Friday, July 09, 2010 2:09 PM
To: Natarajan,Shridhar,FORT WORTH, R&D; -

Hey Natarajan,

The short answer: The update functionality has changed. Use "Add to Workspace" from the workspace page for similar results.

Long answer (PDMLink 8):
To achieve the same functionality, go to your workspace, select the part you would like to update and click the "add to workspace" function. In the update window, verify the data you want to update and click next. On this second page, select the parts you want to replace in your workspace and then click the download option. If the part is modified, you will notice a yellow triangle indicating the difference between the workspace version and the version you are adding to the workspace. Click OK to finish the process. If the part is in session, you will be prompted to update it from the workspace.

The above process is a catch-all, there are times when update does work as it did in Intralink, namely when you have not saved your changes AND there is not a newer version in commonspace.

If the file has been modified and saved (but not checked out), and the part has been iterated or revised in commonspace, performing the File--> Update in Pro-E will respond differently based on the settings you have in your environment. This condition is important to be aware of.

The relevant setting is: dm_overwrite_contents_on_update

By default, this option is set to no. If you have not changed this and the above conditions are met, when updating from Pro-E, you will be prompted for an update to your workspace data but not prompted to update session data. (There is a note in the Pro-E message log. See footnotes for the details...) From here, the designer may check out the model without further notification, essentially bypassing the newer geometry. For the designer, this is a bad situation for many reasons, primarily because it is very easy to overwrite changes other people have made without ever seeing them.

By changing the above config setting to yes, when there is a newer version in commonspace, updating your files will prompt you to update even your "changed data". If there isn't a newer version in the system and you HAVE saved changes to your model, you will get the "All the objects in session are up to date." response. Although this is true, it is not consistent with the update experience people appreciated from Intralink...

Best practices from our environment:

- Set dm_overwrite_contents_on_update to yes

- Check out the files you intend to modify

- Use add to workspace to update files

Best wishes,

PDMLink 8.0
WF 4.0

Here is the event message provided when updating modified and saved files when a newer version exists in commonspace:
"Update operation performed on locally modified downloaded objects. Please use "Download" command to bring the corresponding file."

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