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WF 4 general perceptions and issues...


WF 4 general perceptions and issues...


I'm being asked to "comment" on the decision to move from 2001 directly
to WF4. My first thought is that WF4 is a bit too new, and that maybe
it would be best to go to WF3 and give WF4 a chance to "develop" a bit.
However, this is for a small company with only a few seats, some
experience in WF3, no customer dictated requirements, and I remember
when I was in that position and how I used to load up the "new toys"
just as soon as I could. On the down side, in this case, there really
isn't a Pro/E "administrator", so any issues that arises could be
relatively costly in terms of time to work around them. SO, my
questions to you all are 1) are there many sites on WF4? 2) have you
run into any issues? 3) do the "enhancements" really make a difference
compared to WF3?

Thanks in advance... please reply to the list as is the procedure ( I

Paul Korenkiewicz



We are currently running 2 seats of WF4 and like it a LOT. I find many of the new features are really nice and it's not all that different than WF2. We are also a small company that doesn't have any dedicated IT. I do all the pro/e admin stuff myself and find it to be tolerable. I posted a video on youtube about WF4 on Vista 64, you can view it at

Switching over from 2001 to WF2 was a challenge to me, but I have been using WF2 for about 1.5 years. I may get flamed for this, but in my opinion, 2001 was the most robust version of pro/e I have ever used. I have been using pro/e since around version 10.

Just my 2 cents.


I agree... I've been using Pro/E full time since version 15 (UNIX) and I
also think 2001 was the most robust version I have ever used. I've been on
WF 2.0 and 3.0 for about 2 years and there are some things I like better in
these version, but overall... not sure.


I'd give it 6 months of WF4 being out before using it in anger. I would
however recommend upgrading from 2001 to WF3, to me 2001 is sooooo

IMHO of course!

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