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WF5 Show/Erase


WF5 Show/Erase

I'm hunting for hours now, googling and all. Where is the Show/Erase
functionality in WF5 now? I can't find in the Annotations Tab.


They really like to keep moving that around!


I guess I need to explain a little deeper. I'm trying to show dimension
with the crosshair in holes without doing it manually with using the
"break" feature or creating datum curves through circles. Show/Erase is
suppose to let you choose and axis to get the dimension for a hole with
a crosshair, at least from what I found out from googling. In WF5,
Annotate doesn't have any references to axises at all, so hence, I'm
looking for the old "Show/Erase". Unless someone knows the correct way
to achieve this in WF5, I'd be obliged.



OK, I finally found what I'm looking for thanks to the help from Mark
von Huben.

To summarize it:

Click on the Annotate Tab.

Click on Show Model Annotations

On the far right in the "Show Model Annotation" Box click on the icon
representing Datums.

Click on a hole, the axises will show up. From here it will display a

How is this intuitive? Why do normal hole axises show up under datums,
it's not even a datum axis I created. A lot of lost productivity.

Thanks everyone for your help.


For the most part, all users at my company have experienced the same problems with WF 5.0
1. Slow performance
2. Ribbon interface makes editing drawings significantly slower
3. Show/Erase changes are more cumbersome


Hi Bob,
We have only just converted over and not everybody is there yet. i did the
testing for our company for WF5. The push was for the increased
functionality that users had seen at a release presentation.

So my comments are based on my testing and for the last couple of weeks of
use (some of which was switching back and forth to WF4 for library parts).

I have not seen slow performance for the parts and assemblies I am working
on (though have not run the numbers to get a quantifiable answer).

Ribbon Interface for drawing. We are not so big on drawings at our company;
we are much more focussed on god 3D models. Yes I have to relearn stuff for
the ribbon approach and yes this is initially slower though the drawing tree
is such a nice feature I am prepared to forgive a lot. I can easily see
that for people who do a lot of detailed drawings this will be a painful

Show/Erase changes. Have not worked in drawing enough to show this as a
problem or otherwise.

Regards, Brent Drysdale
Senior Mechanical Designer
Tait Radio Communications
New Zealand
DDI +64 3 358 1093

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