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What happened


What happened


Can someone please explain what this CREO thing is about? Is Pro Engineer still Pro Engineer? Did Wildfire 5.0 just become CREO?


And... We're off!

Who wants to break the news to him?


Can someone please explain what this CREO thing is about?

No. Nobody is sure...

Is Pro Engineer still Pro Engineer?

No, Creo is new and improved Pro/E! Well... it's new...

Did Wildfire 5.0 just become CREO?

I think they are waiting for next release...

The general consensus is that Pro/E did a lot of things it was

ashamed of in its youth. Changing its name to cover up its past.

Best regards,

Frederick Burke

Creo is PTC's new name for their complete CAD/data management package.
The idea is one data set with many tools (apps) for many different kinds
of users to access the same data.  So, a manager may have a
visualization app, a marketing guy a rendering app and so on.

Is Pro/E gone? No, but it's becoming part of the larger Creo family of
apps.  Until Creo comes, PTC has renamed WF5 'Creo/Elements Pro'.  I
think the '/Elements' part is supposed to drop out once Creo 1.0 is
launched next year some time.

CoCreate, PTC's direct modeler becomes 'Creo/Elements Direct' and
Product View is 'Creo/Elements View'.

The idea is pretty intriguing, and what's been shown thus far is pretty
impressive, if it does what they are indicating it does.  That's a big
if.  They've shown a parametrically created file with a full feature
tree brought into the direct app where there is no feature history.  The
user then drags some geometry around and saves the file.  When brought
back into the parametric app ('pro'), those 'drags' are editable
features, complete with dimensions.  The 'Pro' user can accept or reject
these changes, just like you might see in MS Word when 'track changes'
is enabled.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Sure....CREO is what you get when you let sales and marketing brand the product......Pro/ENGINEER is what you get when you let the technical people brand the product (ie. engineering and development).
In all seriousness, if you had a large product offering with a wide range of names, brands, functions, etc. and you wanted to put them all under a common umbrella, what would make the most sense? You need to create a new brand and give each functional product its own branch. Pro/E is NOT CREO because CREO represents ALL products. Pro/E is just one element of CREO.....hence....Pro/E now becomes....."CREO Elements/Pro"
The reason why we Pro/E users find this odd is because....for the most part.....we're only familiar with the Pro/E product. But PTC has many other products they offer now outside of Pro/E. The only way to really tie them all together is to rebrand them all at the same time. Makes sense to me. But it's not going to be fun to change my tattoos.

Mike -

Creo issue: Like a bad Ex-girlfriend...justkeeps showing up when you thought it was over.'re a riot! I almost fell out of my chair when I saw your post. Glad I wasn't taking a drink of Coke.

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