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What's the Best Rendering Package?


What's the Best Rendering Package?

There is also a package out there called Right Hemisphere (

We use a program called Hypershot which is made by Bunkspeed (

Ditto for Hypershot..

We used Alias for many years to prepare renderings and got mediocre results with great time & effort spent. We tried 3D Studio Max and ARX in Pro/E and still didn't get great results.

The very first quickie 2 minute test renderings from hypershot were immediately better than most of the stuff we'd done and after learning the software we are cranking out great work. We've even brought stuff back in house for marketing materials that we used to shop out to the experts. Hypershot is also much faster to set up a scene and apply materials so we've done many renderings in the time it took us to prepare a single one in the past..

Our industry is started to expect high quality renderings of our products and at the moment we can produce better work than most, if not all our competitors. It's definitely given us a competitive edge.

I guess we're big fans..

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We've started using Maxon 4D Engineeering Edition plus which comes with
Okino polytrans. This allows you to open (import) your Pro-E native
models and maintains the model tree structure. It's a high end
animation package that can get overwhelming quickly with all the
cinematic tools. The engineering edition simplifies the interface and
comes prepackaged with materials, scences etc (I wish it came with

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