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Wildfire 5 download???


Wildfire 5 download???

Has anyone had any success downloading Wildfire5? I've looked on the software update area on the PTC website and WF5 is not there. We are fully payed up on our maintenance, so I can't understand why I can't see it.

Any ideas anyone?



5-Regular Member

Try updating your licenses first. Retrieve your existing
license packs and click the radio button that asks about installing WF
3.0 +. You will need to have a license file with "WF 5.0 Pre", (Feature
Version 30.0). I also updated our PTC License Management software while
I was at it.


So, are the "WF 5.0 Pre" licenses different than the WF5 production
licenses will be?  In other words, if I get IT to swap the license file
for the pre-production, will I have to do it again when F00 comes out?
How has that been handled in the past?

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

IIRC, in the past it has usually been set up so a valid license from the
current production release will work for the new pre-production release.
You would need a new license file only when the new full release came

I don't know why PTC did it differently this time, not a huge deal but
slightly annoying since we just updated our licenses to check out WF4 a
couple weeks ago 😛

Best Regards,

Yes you will.

PTC has used 2 options for pre-production/production licensing.
The first is to allow anyone with a V4 license to access pre-V5.
The second is to issue new license codes for both the Preproduction and
the Production.
They have been using this second method since Wildfire V2 or V3.

Ben Loosli
Sr IS Technologist
Engineering Automation Systems
L-3 Communications/Integrated Systems
Waco, TX 76715


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