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Wildfire 5 vs Creo Elements 5


Wildfire 5 vs Creo Elements 5


A client told me they require Wildfire 5. I have Creo Elements/ Pro 5.0
installed. The download page shows this:


Are these really different versions? Are they compatible in both

Thanks a lot.




They are the same thing. Creo Elements Pro 5 is the new rebranded name of Wildfire 5.

Maintenance release M65 and above have the new name. Wildfire 5 only
goes to M60.

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Ok, they are the same animal. I even tested it with a part.

Thanks all for your time. And thanks PTC for the opportunity to connect
with all my Pro/E User buddies. We would be lonely without your marketing



The rebranding of the name has cause much confusion and I think it was a terrible idea on PTC's part. Pro/ENGINEER was around for 25 years and deserved better treatment on it's last days as a platform. They should have simply retired Pro/ENGINEER as Wildfire 5.

Rebranding it confuses many users and even the VAR's. When I finally announced we are going live with Creo 1.0, most of my users replied telling me that they are already running Creo. They were running Creo Elements/Pro but nobody is going to waste their time and say the entire name so most people have been calling it Creo.

Many Youtube videos claim that they have Creo demo of creating a part but when you watch the video, they are running Pro/E and not actual Creo.

I also think it took away from the splash Creo 1.0 could have made because now most everyone is convinced that Creo 1.0 is nothing more than Wildfire 6.0 with a name change. That's PTC's failed oppourtunity to introduce something new and fresh to the world and a bad marketing decision tarnished the launch of Creo 1.0 with confusion. We are now running Creo 1.0 full time and my users are calling it Wildfire 6.0 because of the way it was launched.

Just my opinion but I know many people would agree with me on this.

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The rebranding was done (in my opinion) to show that PTC is innovative
just like the Seimens and Autodesk crowd. It also tried to show the
CoCreate people that they are loved and not going to be orphaned.

I wish that PTC had kept the Pro-Engineer name and gone and did
something useful like incorporate Volumill routines, and T-Splines type

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