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how to configure tree.cfg


how to configure tree.cfg

Hi everyone,

I want to configure Model tree to don't need to se the parameter properties. The ideia is simple, if i had the Type set to String and Values for the colums, i need only select for my parts.

Anyone have some idea, how to do this?



I'm still using Wildfire 5.0, M060, so this may not apply to you.

On the top of the model tree there is a button that looks like a hammer and wrench standing vertical. Select this and choose Save Settings File. This will allow you to save your model tree in it's current configuration. You'll want to save in a place where it will be safe. I use my startup folder to save files like this. Now add a line to you "mdl_tree_cfg_file C:\Program Files\proeWildfire 5.0\text\tree.cfg". This will start ProE using this tree config.

Don't forget, get your model tree to look just the way you want it to before you save the tree config file.


I know that Tim, but my problem is other.

The Problem is: How to make a drop down menu at model tree? When open the model tree, we expect have all opions pre configured. It's look like this

Material : Stell



I will select one, and don't need to write every time.

You can create parameters with restricted values, you have to look in the help files.

Does it work in model tree ? I dont know.


i tried that but this don't work and the job still linked with part. My wish is link to a template, for i work everytime with this.

I think this capability is outside the model tree's functions.

If I understand correctly, you'll have an assembly open. One of the columns in the model tree will be for material. You want to select a value in the material column for the individual components material, and you want it to be a predefined drop down list.

From what I know of Creo this is not possible. The model tree is still a pretty stupid list of models and features. PTC has not put this kind of detail in it.

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