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how to make break on a pithch circle


how to make break on a pithch circle


I would like to ask for help regarding breaking of a pitch circle. I need just to remove parts of the circle in red.1.jpg



Can you right click and make geometry first then, divide by divide icon command, then delete the unwanted section and make the circle construction again.

Thanx for so quick answer

the problem is that i cannot even select the desired pitch circle to make another steps....

Oh got it I guess your are working in drawing, I was thinking about sketcher. If you made it in sketcher I guess u must work on sketcher.

The pitch circle is just picked up by "Show Model Annotations" command in drawing.

So you say there is no other way except the sketcher?

You may sketch in the draing from sketch tab with proper snap and constant settings, later you can change the line properties to centerline, but associativity may not be there between entities and may not be advisable.

I looked into this also. There there is no way unless you can clip it with view boundaries. In your case, you might be able to do this for this instance, but in general, this is another poor detailing implementation. If only PTC has the foresight to simply allowed using the gap feature for this function on the PD circles.

What version of Pro/E are you running? Have you tried to use Break command?

In Creo 2.0 it's located under Annotate tab --> Annotations group --> Break

Once you activate it, just select two points on the circle to cut away a portion of it.

If you want to restore the entity and get rid of all it's breaks then select the entity, and then under Annotate tab in Delete group select Remove All Breaks.

I had specifically tried that, Jakub. Does it work for you?... and what version? it works fine on the linear segments, but not the circle itself.

Ok, guess I should have tested it first.

You're right, the spacing circles that come form radial patterns aren't even selectable. Switching to annotate tab is no help. Sorry.

Looks like only sketched circles are breakable, which is not a very good solution.

Just create a datum curve with the right color and linetype, put it on a special layer, and use that. You should be able to erase that circle.

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