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mapped network drives?


mapped network drives?

Anyone know why Creo doesn't see my mapped drives in Win 7?

Just started using a new computer and I can't get to our file server

through Creo's folder tree browser.

I'm sure it has more to do with Windows 7 than with Creo.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



5-Regular Member

I experienced something similar at my last place of employment. Our "My Documents" (this was with Windows 7, but my company did not change the name to "Documents") was actually located on a local server. We still accessed it the typical way, by double-clicking the "My Document" icon. However, Creo did not show "My Documents" in the folder tree.

We had to map drives that lead to our "My Documents" in order to access it through Creo folder's tree. However, Creo had no problem seeing mapped drives found within "Computer" ("My Computer" with pre Windows 7).

I realize this is different than your problem. You say that you cannot see any mapped drives, but I hope this is helpful in some way.

This may help: click the arrow shown in red below and see if the list leads to any locations that do not show in your folder tree. If it does, then right-click on it and save to Favorites or to Common Folders.




last week, my colleague had the same problem. In Windows Explorer he saw network drives, in Creo he did not. The cause of the problem was following ... he launched Creo startup command using Run as administrator option.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák

Thanks, Martin.

That helps.

Hung Le

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