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prehighlighting - was Another of pro/e's biggest annoyances...


prehighlighting - was Another of pro/e's biggest annoyances...

I also use left-hand mapkeys to change my selection filter. My default is to keep the filter set to Annotation, use my mapkey (G-geometry, Q-quilt, etc.) and RMB to query select. It seems to work quite well for us.

Best Regards,
Chad V. Schuette
Materials Engineering Center
The Dow Chemical Company
1616 Building
Midland, MI 48667


I'm seeing mention of mapkeys to toggle the selection filter, but I'm
confused. I looked into this a while back, but didn't think it was
possible because the filter list keeps changing depending on where you
are and what you are doing. I tried to create a simple mapkey to
measure a distance with the filter toggled to surface, but that seems to
work only some of the time. My question is IF there is a way to
"absolutely" set the selection filter with a mapkey? Otherwise, when
the filter list changes, then my mapkey created from me recording
keyboard entries and selecting from the filter list, won't work all the
time. PLUS, it would be really nice to be able to type "G" or "F" and
by doing so set the filter to geometry or features... Sounds like some
of you have figured that out, so maybe you can explain how to me.


Paul Korenkiewicz
FEV Engine Technology
4554 Glenmeade
Auburn Hills, MI, 48326

I set mine up to work at the most general times - in part mode & assembly
mode. However, it isn't perfect: I have five set up, that I set up while in
assembly mode:

fff - features

ffg - geometry

ffs - smart

ffv - parts

ffd - datums

but then in part mode, they work like this

fff - doesn't work at all

ffg - geometry

ffs - smart

ffv - features

ffd - datums

I haven't done much with it in drawing mode, other than one to return it to
the default Drawing Items & Views


Lyle Beidler

MGS, Inc.

178 Muddy Creek Church Rd.

Denver, PA 17517


We tried prehighlighting for the duration of the WF training course, and for a few hours once we got it installed back at the office. Then we went back to good old Query Select.

In particular, prehighlighting was a nightmare on machined castings where the first feature is a complex piece of imported geometry - waiting for /that/ to prehighlight was unworkable.

Call us Luddites, but we're also running pre-WF colours - we find red/yellowclearer thanbrown/other-shade-of-brown!


Jonathan Hodgson

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