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"Common" File Type


"Common" File Type

Hello everyone,

We can save 3D models in a variety of formats, is there a "most universally accepted" or useful format out there if people just want to see the geometry/measurements and do not necessarily care about the model tree? I'm about to get a lot of quoting done for parts and want to minimize the back and forth as much as possible. Thanks in advance.


I vote for STEP...

We have the best results with this format as long as you have some form of CAD available. eDrawings is not too bad as long as you have the proper software.
Is anyone having any luck using 3D pdf?

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company
124 Hidden Valley Road
McMurray, PA 15317

I send a lot of models to vendors to be manufactured.
I find most of them want Parasolid (.x_t) models
After that I agree with Chris step is a good choice.

I think I just heard eDrawings is now charging for their software.
Their read only is still free.

I have use 3D pdf
it works and is free
but I find it to be a little hard to work with, with assemblies.

Fred J. Matthis

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