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1-Newbie - directory

Good morning,

I'd like to find the file in my ProE directory but without success.

Does anybody know where is located this file ?

Many thanks for your help.


I've never seen a file by that name. There is a, and that can exist in several locations/loadpoints, with the last loadpoint taking precedence if there are conflicts in the same setting, otherwise it's all additive.

Julien, where did you come across the name? If it is something you used to use, be aware that it isn't part of the PTC distribution and isn't always there. If it is something you are asked to use, you'll have to ask where they keep a copy of it.

Configurations can be stored with any name. Even the .pro suffix is just a convenience. The Tools/Options/Open** file requester will find everything if the filetype is set to All. The special name "" is opened automatically when found in the series of locations Pro/E is set to look.

**Or whatever the Creo crew renamed/moved it to.

Step exports can be configured 2 ways; "step_" options in or by editing the parameters at the time of export. In the editor, you can press F4 to get the available options.

Here is a complete list of Creo 2.0 options.

22-Sapphire I

Man, that seems like a TON of new options, and it even includes all the hidden one! Nice! Too bad I'm still on creo.......

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