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summary - switching from solid to surf...


summary - switching from solid to surf...

Yeah, just as I suspected... They meant to do that. Or, more accurately,
it needs to be like that. I understand, and I was gently reminded that it
really is my mistake.

One thing I learned is for that reason alone is a good argument for creating
and using external sketches. If one is in the habit of creating a sketch
first, then choosing the tool, my "problem" goes away. As well as the
annoyance of picking extrude by habit when you really want a revolve...
That happens occasionally, too.

What I DON'T understand is why, if I forget to select SURF and leave the
SOLID default, why, oh why, can Pro/E not simply default to a THIN
protrusion? The solid selection remains but the dashboard locks you into a
thin solid. This would at least save a little bit of time / frustration...
And, I think it actually does do this 'sometimes'. I guess I need to pay
more attention when it does happen.

Thanks again for your help...



I've never seen it do that, but I'm still on WF2 for most of my work.

I'm with you, it should let you exit the sketch. I'd say give the
warning only when exiting the feature.

Some thoughts on using external sketches:

- Can't use axis points in an external sketch.
- You cannot redefine a feature's sketch from within the feature
dashboard. That one is worse than the "the sketch must be closed for
this feature...", IMO.

Of course, we could go back to the feature -> create -> extrude ->
protrusion -> thin days ... [shudder]

Oh, and yes, it is your fault and you should have known better. What
were you thinking? 😄

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer
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