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wildfire .0

For those of you using Wildfire 3.0, can I get your opinion on how you like it. Has it been a good move for you? What funtionality has change, either for the good or bad or removed? We are looking to migrate from Wildfire 2.0.


We moved to 3.0 hoping it would be an improvement over 2.0. Last week we
went back to 2.0.

For the record, we think that Wildfire is a lousy piece of software - I'm
being very polite.

David Myers
Dynasty Mold Builders, Inc.

Is it possible to explain why you went back?

Regards, Hugo.
"David Myers" <-> wrote in message

I'm still on WF2, which I have found excellent. I started on 2001 and
went straight to WF as soon as it was available. I absolutely HATE using
2001 now! I have used WF3 a little bit and I find it excellent to,
though we won't be moving over to it for a while as early builds do tend
to be 'buggy' IMO of course.

My two pennies worth.


Ok - that is funny - and it is Friday

But, I have to stand with David if he is referring to the mold package.
It is a different animal and friendly like a dingo. But I agree with
Jeff on not ever wanting to go back to 2001 - does that mean I'm riding
the fence?

**goes back to eating chocolate chip cookie and drinking coffee**

OK so if Wildfire is lousy "just being polite" Then CADKEY must be the
most awesome tool out there. Right? Or do I have that backwards?

Hey, I like CADkey. I used it for several years. Not saying that it is
anything in comparison to Pro/E, but it was better than AutoCAD (just
stating it politely).

At least CADkey was a 3D program from the very first release. It took Autocad 10 releases until it got 3D.

But it all depends on what your drawing... If it's actual parts, Pro is

But when it comes to fixture design, I'd prefer Mechanical Desktop

But honestly, what are we arguing about? It'd be the same thing as us
arguing which is better; Chevy, Dodge, or Ford (in that order!! Haha)



I found CADKEY very intuitive. And I liked the history buttons. Also, the
settings for a particular action were available the next time you used that
same action, so repeats were very easy. PTC could learn a lot from the
lesser programs (CADKEY, Alibre, AutoCad. SW) to make things easier and more
accessible. I have spent time on each of these programs, and each of them
has features that they do extremely well.

To get back to the topic, I have spent 8 years on 2001, and I always had the
feeling I was just scratching the surface of the functionality available. I
think it was mostly due to the complexity of some of it.

Nevertheless, I modeled motorcycle frames, triple trees, differentials,
helical tapered impellers, motorcycle reverse gearboxes, and many more
things that I know I would have had a much harder time with in these lesser

Only recently did I move to WF2, and more recently, to WF3. I wish I had
done it earlier, but with all the problems people had with it I did not see
myself productive in WF2. Now I have taken the step, I am pleased with much
of the new functionality (sheet metal walls, patterns, dashboard, previews,
combining of protrusions, cuts, thin protrusions, thin cuts, extruded
surface all into one feature, extrude), and more pleased that the dashboard
approach has been expanded to more features in WF3.

Overall, I am pleased with Pro/E, but am somewhat disappointed in some of
the things you could do in 2001.

I hope the maintenance will come down, that almost killed me.

I am sure that PTC is listening to their clients, and that is likely the
cause of their success. I hope that the program will become easier to use,
and that will undoubtedly translate in more people being truly interested.

My 2c worth.

Sip Hofstede

WildCAD Drafting & Design, Inc.

Westlock, AB

T7P 2P4


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