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Add menu to Pro/E menu bar in WF4 64bit


Add menu to Pro/E menu bar in WF4 64bit

I am compiling our utilities for WF 4 for 64 bit, and I can not get one
of my toolkit dll files to load into Pro/E. The file is very simple, it
just adds a menu to the Pro/E menu bar and adds a few sub menus. When
it loads, it gives a PRO_TK_GENERAL_ERROR. I have tried everything I
can think of, including the sample code from the Pro/TK user guide and
the pt_examples included in the Pro/Toolkit install directory, and they
all give the same PRO_TK_GENERAL_ERROR error. The pt_install_test, and
one of my utilities that adds a button to an existing menu, both work
ok. Anyone have any idea on what the problem may be, or on how to debug


Scott Edsell

TYCO Electronics

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Did you compile the application with the 64 bit target or the 32 bit

Patrick Williams | Sr. Application Engineer | Engineering Systems |
Steelcase Inc. | 616.698.4078 | My Site

I use makefiles which are based on the sample make files.

MAKEFILENAME = makefile64

# Machine Type

PRO_MACHINE_TYPE = x86e_win64

# Executable names

EXE = TYCOmenu64.exe

EXE_DLL = TYCOmenu64.dll

# Pro/Toolkit Source & Machine Loadpoint (EXTERNAL USE - DEFAULT)

PROTOOL_SRC = C:/EngApps/PTCpro/wf4_m030_x64/protoolkit/


PRODEV_SRC = C:/EngApps/PTCpro/wf4_m030_x64/prodevelop


INCS = -I. -I$(PROTOOL_SRC)/includes \

-I$(PRODEV_SRC)/prodev_appls/includes -I$(PRODEV_SRC)/includes

# Compiler Flags

CC = cl




# Libraries

PTCLIBS = $(PRODEV_SYS)/obj/prodevelop.lib

PTCLIBS_DLL = $(PRODEV_SYS)/obj/prodev_dll.lib

LIBS = libcmt.lib kernel32.lib user32.lib wsock32.lib ole32.lib
advapi32.lib mpr.lib winspool.lib netapi32.lib psapi.lib gdi32.lib
shell32.lib comdlg32.lib

OBJS = TYCOmenu.obj

# Linker

LINK = link


@echo Start at `date`



#Executable applications compiled using WinMain() instead of main()
should set the subsystem to windows instead of console.

$(LINK) /subsystem:console -out:$(EXE) /debug:none @<<longline.list<br/>


@echo Finished at `date`

del $(OBJS)

# Dll target

dll: $(EXE_DLL)


@echo Start at `date`



$(LINK) /subsystem:console -out:$(EXE_DLL) /debug:none /dll


@echo Finished at `date`

# object dependencies

PROTK_APPLS = $(PROTOOL_SRC)/protk_appls/pt_af_examples

PROTK_UTILS = $(PROTOOL_SRC)/protk_appls/pt_examples/pt_utils

TYCOmenu.obj: TYCOmenu.c

$(CC) $(CFLAGS) TYCOmenu.c

clean :

del $(OBJS)

del $(EXE)

nmake -f $(MAKEFILENAME)

clean_dll :

del $(OBJS)

del $(EXE_DLL)

nmake -f $(MAKEFILENAME) dll

The problem was that I had installed VS 2005 SP 1 on the 64 bit system.
This is not supported, so I uninstalled and reinstalled VS 2005 and
recompiled the DLLs, and now everything is working. Thank you for all
of the replies.

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