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Batch Printing


Batch Printing

Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have a good method for exporting part models from IL to a secure server/folder when the model has its release level set to "Release". In other words, I want to export a part & possibly a PDF on it's release. The method should include some means of appending the name with revision & version info automatically. Would that function work under batch printing or is it something that would need to be done via a toolkit? I'm thinking that the toolkit's required but I'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Pro/Batch should be able to create the PDF's for you, usign the naming
you want..
However, you will need an Intralink trigger to launch the batch process
(when a drawing or model is released).

Unfortunately, PTC has not created a generic trigger for such.
We had to create our own, using the Intralink toolkit.
Fortunately, this does not require purchasing any additional
There is Intralink toolkit run-time license, but it is only required
when creating stand-alone applications.

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