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External analysis capability?


External analysis capability?

I posted the following msg on the MODEL list a few days ago, but received
no response (other than a few dozen out-of-office replies, in various
languages), so I'm re-posting here.
Dan McCaherty

A few years back I was first trained on the Behavioral Modeling extension
module. I remember hearing about a feature in BMX called 'External
As I recall, after setting up the interface between Pro/E and the external
application with Pro/TOOLKIT, you could pass variables (such as dimensions,
parameters, etc) from Pro/E through an analysis feature, into this separate
application. That external application would do whatever it was programmed
to do, using that Pro/E data as input, and generate a solution which could
then be automatically fed back into Pro/E as a modified dimension,
parameter value, etc, and the model could be optimized.
At least that's what I recall, but I have not used this part of BMX (yet)
and have not had much luck finding anyone else that has used this feature,
so I'm tossing a few questions out to the community:
Is the external analysis capability still there?
What sorts of external applications have you hooked up with? (I read
about one example where they linked up Pro/E and ANSYS)
If you have set up an external analysis application, how much work was
involved in the TOOLKIT portion? Was there any maintenance work required
when you moved to a newer version of Pro/E?

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