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FW: How does Intralink compile Java Scripts?


FW: How does Intralink compile Java Scripts?

No reactions from the datamgt list, perhaps here someone knows the answer?

Can anyone tell me how Intralink compiles the java scripts created through

Apparantly Intralink uses it's own tools to compile the script.
But I can't find any javac.exe command in the loadpoint of Intralink.
I could only find java.exe, javaw.exe and javaws.exe.

I'm working on a Intralink UI-script tool and currently compile the
javascript with a seperate install of the Java SDK:
C:\j2sdk1.4.2_05\bin\javac.exe -classpath
c:\ptc\proiclient3.3\java\lib\Intralink.jar -d
That does work, but now I want to get rid of the need to install the java
SDK and compile the way Intralink does it.


| Olaf Corten - CAD Supervisor - Engineering
| Company: Besi Molding - Duiven - The Netherlands
| Sites: <http:"/>
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Re: FW: How does Intralink compile Java Scripts?

Okay Olaf, time for a short course "advanced Intralink hacking" 😉

Intralink does use javac to compile things. It's just that the javac executable
is not there, but rather the javac.class from <ilink>\<os>\lib\tools.jar is
used instead. This is called from within the Intralink program itself.

You could of course build a small java program that also calls the javac.class,
but then you would have to spread that program on all the users PC's, and then
you might as well distribute the javac executable instead.

Another workaround would be to find the command line option within the
Intralink program for compiling a script. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to
be such an option. Check the Intralink.jar\com\ptc\intralink\client\Intralink.
class file and you will see that besides -r (record), -p (play) and some other
non-relevant options, there is no option for compiling scripts.

So I'm afraid you will have to think of another plan. Or maybe file an
enhancement request.

Kind regards,
Patrick Asselman