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Getting a Copy from INTRALINK


Getting a Copy from INTRALINK

Hi All,

I currently have a Pro/TOOLKIT program that uses the ProMdlDataGet
function to put together the path of the model, then I make a copy of
that file to a new location. A new wrinkle was introduced when a user
who was using Pro/INTRALINK tried to run my program. In this scenario
the file was in either a local workspace or linked from the Commonspace
and the 'path' that I got back from the ProMdlDataGet function wasn't
something that I could copy from. The path was something like
ilws:\\eg\engineering\part.prt.1 rather than
P:\data\proedata\part.prt.1 like I am used to getting.

Is there a way I can tweek my code to get a copy of the file that is in
session, but from Pro/INTRALINK, or is there a better way altogether to
go about programmatically getting a copy of an in-session file from
Pro/INTRALINK. The one caveat is that I'd rather not have to use

Thanks, John

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