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How to retrieve remote ProE Objects using UNC-Names


How to retrieve remote ProE Objects using UNC-Names


Migrating toolkit appls from the Unix-world to Windows i had to open
remote ProE objects via ProMdlRetrieve().

The technique is:
1) Get the current ProeDirectory
2) Change to the directory where the model is located
3) Invoke ProMdlRetrieve()
4) Change back to the directory saved at 1)

In the Unix-World in Step 2) I use a pathname to the mounted server, where
remote model is located.
On Windows i had to use a UNC-name like \\cax\proe\data\more_sub_dirs
<file: \\cax\proe\data\more_sub_dirs=">
ProDirectroyChange() does not accept an UNC name and returns -22

Its important for hundreds of ProE-PCs to use the UNC-name rather than the
Drive:pathname syntax.

Thanks in advance....

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards

Norbert Schultheis

85045 Ingolstadt
Tel. +49 (0)8 41 89-9 03 89
Fax. +49 (0)8 41 89-3 81 15 <http:"/>

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The Windows version of ProEngineer cannot change to a directory that is not
assigned a drive letter ie a UNC path. You might want to try ProMdlLoad. If
that doesn't work then you will have to programmatically map the UNC path to a
drive letter and change to that directory. If you need help mapping a drive I
can help.

Patrick Williams
Applications Engineer
Steelcase Inc.
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