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Interaction of Pro/Toolkit with PDMLink


Interaction of Pro/Toolkit with PDMLink

I would liketo search the objects ( Example : PDMLink Part no )in PDMLink using Pro/Toolkit.

Could any of you guys help me on this?



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Just do a ProMdlRetrieve() and it will do a global search in all products of PDMLink for the specified file.

Really??? That's not how I read this documentation...


Standard Pro/TOOLKIT provides several functions that are capable of
retrieving models. When using these functions with Windchill servers,
remember that these functions do not check out the object to allow

Functions Introduced:

* ProMdlRetrieve()

* ProMdlLoad()

The function ProMdlRetrieve() loads an object into a session given its
name and type. This function searches for the object in the active
workspace, the local directory, and any other paths specified by the
configuration option search_path.

The function ProMdlLoad() loads an object into session given its path.
The path can be a disk path, a workspace path, or a commonspace path.
Refer to the section Aliased URL for examples of these types of paths.

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It may not say it, but I agree with Russ, that is what it does - I have several applications that use this functionality.


The Pro/TOOLKIT API does not allow to access of WTParts in PDMLink. Not sure that you are asking to search for a WTPart or a ECAD document.

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