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Managed C++ / .NET Classes


Managed C++ / .NET Classes

While we're on the Visual Studio theme today...

Has anybody tried to use C# classes in their Pro/TOOLKIT application in DLL mode? I can do it in spawn mode (exe) but they don't work in DLL mode.

I try to make all of my dialog screens with the Pro/TOOLKIT UI and it works well for simple screens. Anything more complicated and I usually end up spawning another program for the dialog and then package up the results to return them to the main app. Since C# and managed C++ can talk to each other I figure there wouldn't be a need for this "package" step and I could directly use a C# class to offload some of the GUI work.

Has anybody had any luck with this?


RE: Managed C++ / .NET Classes

Have you successfully used the C# class in the Pro/TOOLKIT application?

Itry to call C# method in the Pro/TOOLKIT C++ application. It can be built successfully. However, the Pro/TOOLKIT DLL application cannot be loaded into Pro/ENGINEER.

To mix the C++ and C#, I use option /clr to compile the applicaiton. Maybe the issue is related to the Common Language Runtime.


Managed C++ / .NET Classes

Creating a Pro/TOOLKIT dll that contains managed C# code is not possible.
The reason is that the Pro/TOOLKIT dll runs within the xtop.exe process'
memory space. Since xtop.exe doesn't run on the CLR then your dll cannot
contain any managed code. However; you may be able to create an
asynchronous Pro/TOOLKIT application that contains managed code. I do
remember talking to John Sprang about this in the past and he has gotten
it to work. You can look up his contact information on the PTC/User
Portal site.

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RE: Managed C++ / .NET Classes

Patrick Williams,

Thanks very much for your help. We cannot directly call managed DLL from Pro/TOOLKIT code. However, I think we can expose managed DLL as COM, then call it in Pro/TOOLKIT. I will try it.




RE: Managed C++ / .NET Classes

I tested with a simple example, the steps are as following:

1. Write a C# application.

2. Register the C# application for use with COM.

3. Write Pro/TOOLKIT application, and call the COM method.

In MSDN, there is an article "How to call a managed DLL from native Visual C++ code in Visual Studio.NET or in Visual Studio 2005".