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Outlook 2002 - summary


Outlook 2002 - summary


I'm sorry for the late summary, but here it is.

Org. question:

My HD crashed with all my outlook stuff. I have a backup of the whole HD but
not a backup made from within outlook. That meens that I have all the
Now my problem is, witch files do I have to find on my backup and move to my
new outlook-installation, to se my setup, mails, contacts, notes........
I don't know the locations and names of the files. They might be in
"outlook-system" and personal folders.
I haven't found anything on, so any help will be very much


Do a search for *.pst and *.pab. The pst's are the personal folders
(archives) and the pab's are personal address books. If you have those pst's
you're fine.

Once you have Outlook installed and opened, the folders will be created for
you to drop those files that you found in the search into C:\Documents and
Settings\(jensen)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook.

Then just open Outlook again and pick file/open/outlook data file and you
will be able to see those files that you had saved.

Remember to tell the search to look for hidden files - I forgot...

Thanx to every one.


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