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Pro/intralink toolkit - Dialog boxes


Pro/intralink toolkit - Dialog boxes

Hi to all,

I need to display dialog boxes on submission trigger errors and I really
don't know how to proceed.
Any suggest will be appreciated.


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For dialog boxes in triggers I've used the system() function to call
little a executeable app written in Java or VBScript to bring up dialog
boxes. I pass a string on the command line for the message to be
displayed. This is a crude technique but was easy, quick and works well.
Since I just needed to popup an informational or warning dialog when the
required trigger returns a non-zero causing a checkin to fail, there was
no need to return any values from the dialog itself. Here's a piece of
the trigger code...

#define CMD_BUFFER_SIZE 1000

#ifdef WIN32
#define SCRIPT_EXT "vbs"
#define SCRIPT_EXT "csh"

Function: triggerDialog
Description: display dialog to user
int triggerDialog(char *msg) {
int status;
char cmdBuffer[CMD_BUFFER_SIZE];
if ( strlen(msg) > CMD_BUFFER_SIZE - 22 ) {
status = 1;
} else {
sprintf( cmdBuffer, "triggerdialog.%s "%s", SCRIPT_EXT, msg );
status = system( cmdBuffer );

Hope this helps,
Gary Hoffman
CAD Application Support
Solar Turbines Incorporated
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