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ProMdlNameGet fails


ProMdlNameGet fails

Ok, now for the problem I was really trying to address.

This code connects to pro/e ok and gets the handle of the current model
ok. All I want to do is print out the name of it but it's blank. This is
the output:

"Connection to Pro/Engineer established. Yippe!
ProMdlCurrentGet function returned PRO_TK_NO_ERROR
ProMdlNameGet function returned PRO_TK_NO_ERROR

Here is the full code:

#include <stdio.h>

extern "C"{
#include <procore.h>
#include <pronotify.h>
#include <prodimension.h>
#include <proutil.h>
int main(void){
ProProcessHandle proe_handle;
ProBoolean random;
ProName current_name;
char current_name_in_c[PRO_NAME_SIZE];
ProMdlType objtype;
ProError err;
ProMdl mdlHandle;

err = ProEngineerConnect(",NULL,NULL,",PRO_B_TRUE, 100, &random,
if(err != PRO_TK_NO_ERROR){
printf("%s\n","Error occured while connecting to Pro/Engineer.");
return -1; // failure
printf("Connection to Pro/Engineer established. Yippe!\n");

err = ProMdlCurrentGet(&mdlHandle);
if (err == PRO_TK_NO_ERROR)
printf("ProMdlCurrentGet function returned PRO_TK_NO_ERROR\n");
else if (err == PRO_TK_BAD_CONTEXT)
printf("ProMdlCurrentGet function returned PRO_TK_BAD_CONTEXT\n");

err = ProMdlNameGet(mdlHandle, current_name);
if (err == PRO_TK_NO_ERROR)
printf("ProMdlNameGet function returned PRO_TK_NO_ERROR\n");
else if (err == PRO_TK_BAD_INPUTS)
printf("ProMdlNameGet function returned PRO_TK_BAD_INPUTS\n");




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I got this reply from wayne:
"you might check that protoolkit.h is being included as shown below.

it sounds like ProWstringToString is not working correctly.

let us know what you find.


Wide Strings

Pro/TOOLKIT, like Pro/ENGINEER, has to work in environments where
character strings use codes other than ASCII, and might use a bigger
character set than can be coded into the usual 1-byte char type. The most
important example of this is the Japanese KANJI character set.

For this reason, Pro/TOOLKIT uses the type wchar_t instead of char for all
characters and strings that may be visible to the Pro/ENGINEER user. This
includes all text messages, keyboard input, file names, and names of all
dimensions, parameters, and so on, used within a Pro/ENGINEER object.

Defining wchar_t
Although most platforms supported by Pro/TOOLKIT provide a definition of
wchar_t in a system include file, not all do. Those that do use
definitions of different lengths; some provide definitions that are not
suitable for all the character codes supported by Pro/ENGINEER. Therefore,
Pro/ENGINEER takes considerable care to make sure it uses a suitable
definition of wchar_t on each supported platform.

It is essential to make sure your Pro/TOOLKIT application is using the
same definition of wchar_t as Pro/ENGINEER on each platform your
application supports. To make this easier, Pro/TOOLKIT supplies the
include file pro_wchar_t.h. This file ensures that, if a definition of
wchar_t h has not already been made in an earlier include file, one is
provided that is consistent with the Pro/ENGINEER definition of the type.
Because this file is included by the file ProToolkit.h, you should include
ProToolkit.h as the very first include file in each source file."

Ok, so I added the line #include <protoolkit.h> inside the extern "C"{ block and
recompiled. Same result. I removed it and added it in the main include
area, under <stdio.h> and recompiled. Same result.

I also got a reply from Gerry Champoux. I will reply to that one

I got the following reply from Gerry

"Your code look correct to me.
I wonder if the conversion from wide-string to string could be part of the
problem. It's unlikely, but needs to be checked.

Change your last print statement as follows:

If this still produces an empty name, try using ProMdlDataGet, and extract
the model name from the resultant structure.
ProMdldata model_data ;
err ProMdlDataGet( mdlHandle , &model_data ) ;

You use of ProEngineerConnect indicated asynchronous mode, which means
that your toolkit app is the main program, which in turn connects to an
already-running session of Pro/E. Is this your intent? Most Toolkit
applications are synchronous (launched FROM within Pro/E)."


I tried your suggestion:
but same result.

I tried your second suggestion
ProMdldata model_data ;
err = ProMdlDataGet( mdlHandle , &model_data ) ;

but same result.

Yes, asynchronous mode is intentional for our purposes.

Nobody here really understands ProToolkit. I started dabbling in it only
last week. I'm not even sure if we have a license for it. Our sysadmin
says we don't but how then do I have the protoolkit folder under proewf
and all the include files? Does PTC allow partial use of protoolkit
allowing you to connect to it but then blocks out some commands?
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