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ProTOOLKIT ProProductviewExport function


ProTOOLKIT ProProductviewExport function

Does anyone out there have experience with this function?

We use it as part of our vaulting automation, where a Productview EDZ
package of files (.ed and .ol's) is created for every drawing/model when
it is vaulted. The problem has to do when it is an assembly drawing,
specifically when it is a SimplifiedRep of the assembly that is shown on
the drawing (which is the case on all of our 'Final Assembly' drawings).

If I am in the assembly itself, again specifically the SimplifiedRep,
and run a TOOLKIT program from assembly mode, which calls the
ProProductviewExport function, everything works fine. It creates an
*.ol file of each of the components that is displayed in the Rep.
However, when in the context of our vaulting program, we are working
from Draw mode, so I do a ProDrawingSolidsCollect to get the
assembly/model associated with the drawing, then I send that
assembly/model handle to the ProProductviewExport function, but what
happens is that it tries to create an *.ol file for all of the
components of the assembly (even ones not displayed). If these 'extra'
models aren't in sessions, it just puts an error in the log file and is
OK, BUT if some of these 'extra' models happen to be in memory (which is
frequently the case) then those models appear in the Productview EDZ,
which is very confusing to downstream people who are expecting to only
see what is in the SimplifiedRep.

Can anyone offer any suggestions here?

Thanks, John

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Zero replies so far.

So does anyone even use the ProProductviewExport function?

I'd share my code for anyone who is interested.

Thanks, John


It may be a bug in Pro/E or support may say it's intended functionality,
just not what you would expect. In any case, if you want to work around
the problem you will need to do some extra filtering to determine which
assembly members are suppressed in the current simplified rep and call
ProProductviewExport() for each one individually instead of simply
calling ProProductviewExport for the parent assembly and relying on
Pro/E to output the current members (it's obviously not doing any
filtering based on display status). The collect and visit functions
always return all entities (even suppressed ones)

Rod Blesener
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