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Problem with menus - upgrading from 2001 to WF2


Problem with menus - upgrading from 2001 to WF2

We have several toolkit apps which were originally written a few years back,
which are activated via the old-style menu manager (RHS menus). Up to
version 2001, all I've done when we move to a new version is rebuild the
apps with the latest libraries, and all is well (occasionally I've had to
make minor code changes). Now we're (finally) migrating to WF2, some menus
work and some don't. Specifically, those in Assembly and Part modes are OK
(the menu manager appears, with just my toolkit buttons), but the menu
manager doesn't appear at all in Drawing and Layout modes.
Can someone tell me how to get them to show up, or maybe point me to a
tutorial or other instructions on how to use the top menu bar instead?

Thanks in advance

Steve Critchley
Otis Elevator Company
Minto, Australia

Views expressed here are my own, not necessarily those of Otis,
United Technologies Corporation, Bart Simpson, etc

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It is not possible to make the menus show up when they are not displayed
by Pro/E. It is PTC's recommendation, starting with WF 1.0, to use the
top menu bar instead like you have already suggested. This is not
difficult at all. Look in the API Wizard under User's Guide->Menus.

Patrick Williams
Application Engineer
Steelcase Inc.
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