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ProductView Batch Tasks


ProductView Batch Tasks

Hi admins,
I am looking for some tricks to work on Productview simple tasks in batch
Is it possible to manage it with PTC standardsoftware, some
toolkit-utilities or addon software ?
Here is an example what we want to do:

- having a multi level PView EDZ-File (3D)
- one ED-File inside, referencing many edzs, containing again edzs or
- want to use PView Menu "Tools/ADD-in-Tools/Capture-Structure"
- would like to get ONE ED-File referencing many many OL's
- want to start it in commandline (?) mode and do it in a loop for lots of

Would be very nice to get a solution 😉
I will post a summary
Thanks in advance .. i am counting on this user community !!

Juergen Kessler
Volkswagen Germany

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