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SQL Queries


SQL Queries

I'm new to the list and I'm hoping that someone can help me. We are
using Intralink 3.3 here and I need to "harvest" some information from
Intralink to integrate into an existing database on an ongoing basis. I
don't have the Intralink Toolkit, nor do I need it. I do have an ODBC
connection established with our Intralink Oracle database, so i have access
to all of our Intralink data.

The number of tables in the Intralink database is overwhelming, so I
hope that someone can help me determine which tables I need (in addition to
pdm.productitem, pdm.productitemverfile, and pdm.productitemversion) to
reference in SQL queries to get the following information:

1. Who, if anybody, has the print locked

2. Product Structure (Is the dependencies table where the parent/child
relationships are stored? If so, Which fields represent the parent and
child items?)

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Jeff S. Kennedy

Technical Publications Specialist
Technical Publications Department
Club Car - Ingersoll-Rand

(706) 863-3000 ext. 3355

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