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SQLPlus commands


SQLPlus commands

Hi SQLPlus Gurus,

We're using Pro/I 3.3 M022, the server is Win2K.
I'm working with a Pro/Intralink Toolit app developed by someone else.

Quick question:
Can anyone tell me what sql commands I can use to find out the names of
attributes in Pro/Intralink?

More detail:
We have a Pro/E parameter Description, which seems to clash with the
Pro/Intralink default parameter Description. As a result, Pro/Intralink
seems to have created another attribute called Description* (see
If I use 'piv_desc' or 'description' the Pro/I Toolkit app returns the
values for the Intralink default description. If I use 'description*' the
search fails completely; so I want to use the name for 'description*' as
it's referred to in the Oracle table.

Thanks in advance,

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For browsing your Intralink Oracle tables, I recommend a free tool
called "FreeTOAD"


I am no sql or intralink guru, but I have a little to add.

By the way, thanks for the toad link, I will use it once I get
back to work...ha..ha

My add is: I wrote a java gui to query oracle &/or Intralink.

No, I'm not a java guru either. I just try to make all work.

It has a few drop-downs for sql to:

few oracle tuning/monitoring
intralink queries

It could be a good start. No commits, just queries, so it should
not be dangerous for a beginner (which I am still).

IN the above shown folder on my web site, you can use the jar,
complie the java & go form there.

You just enter/modify the URL string:


with your host-name:port:SID.

All this info can be obtained from your tnsnames.ora (usually
located ion your .proi folder or near there).

Then enter user name & pass word (system/manager usually works).

Then select from drop downs:
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