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SUMMARY: BOM of simplified rep...


SUMMARY: BOM of simplified rep...

Several have responded, and thanks to those that did.

In my first message, I forgot to include that I wanted this in assembly
mode, and I also forgot to include that my ultimate goal was to get this BOM
in some text format so that I could use it in a downstream app like Excel.
As it turns out, it IS possible to do this in assembly, BUT only with a
Pro/Toolkit application. We don't have that module here, and even if we
did, I probably wouldn't have wanted to spend the time to write an
application for this, since it's not something that I need all that often.
Like I said in my first message, you can output a parts listing of the
current simplified rep while you're in assembly mode, but that doesn't
include quantities. I needed a true BOM with part numbers and quantities.

However, you CAN create a drawing of the simplified rep, and then put a BOM
on the sheet. You can then output the BOM table as a text file and open up
that text file in Excel. I just created a blank format drawing, got the
information that I wanted, and then killed the drawing, since it had no
other purpose. I still say that this is a work-around, but it was possible
for me to get the information that I needed.

Thanks again to all that responded!!

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