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SUMMARY: Change default location of workspace.

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SUMMARY: Change default location of workspace.

Thanks to everyone for thier help.

How can I change my default location of workspace from C:\ptc\work\.proi to something of my choice. I prefer to place it on a backed up network server where it can be shared.

Set your PDM_LDB_PATH environment variable to the path that you want.

I placed the variable in C:\ptc\proiclient\bin\proilink.bat. It is a single line that looks like this:
Of course you will have to put in your own path. "Ficus" is just the name of our server.

I received quite a few warnings about performance loss from other users. After running this for a month now we have not seen any problems. We are newbies so we're not exactly burning up the network.
I was also advised this may cause the workspace to become corrupt. We have not experienced that yet.

There is only 2 of us using this workspace. Under this setup both of us can work on any project as the situation dictates. We have even both worked in the same workspace at the same time. This would be much harder to do if the workspace was located on our individual workstations.
The server is backed up daily while our pc's are not.

Thanks to everyone for thier help.

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Also be aware that PTC does not support this type of configuration...

To anyone who knows I have the following question as we were considering putting our .proi folders on a server at one time. If we follow the PTC suggestion to copy the local .proi folder to a common location each night for backup then if we did have a local problem would copying the .proi folder back onto the local drive have any problems with check-in of modified files into Ilink?

Dwayne Quatier
GE Healthcare

The only loss is data changed after the copy to the local location

When one of my users is having sever problems with his .proi, I can copy
the .proi onto my computer and work with his data to resolve the error
or conflict. The copied data is just as viable from my computer as the
original data is on his. We coordinate prior to check in to Commonspace
and when done, I delete his .proi from my computer.

Instead of copying the .proi data to a network location for nightly
backups, we have the nightly backups attach to each the engineering
computers through the network and backup the prowork folders. Full
backup Friday night, incremental backups Mon, Tue, Wed & Thurs
We require that the engineers chose Restart when they leave for the
evening, leaving the CPU powered up over night to facilitate the

Michelle McMasters
Engineering Systems Administrator
Black & Decker Hardware & Home Improvement

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