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[SUMMARY]: How does Intralink compile Java Scripts?


[SUMMARY]: How does Intralink compile Java Scripts?

There are two ways to compile java scripts using the Intralink environment.

Thank's a lot: Patrick Asselman, Raymond Stewart and Marc Mettes.

1 Use the Intralink java environment:
C:\ptc\proiclient3.3\i486_nt\jre\bin\java -classpath
ralink.jar com/sun/tools/javac/Main -d

2 Use the Intralink -p startup option:
proiclient3.3 -- -p -nographics
The -p option is normally used to execute (play) a compiled script, but then
you should not add .java after the script name.
When .java is added it only compiles the script and exits quickly.

So to compile and then execute you can use these two commands:
proiclient3.3 -- -p -nographics
proiclient3.3 -- -p MyApp -nographics
(let's hope PTC doesn't consider this a bug and leaves it in there ...)

Thanks again folks, this helped me a lot.


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