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Shell Properties Summary


Shell Properties Summary

Hi, all

Here is the summary for this issue.
Christos Katsis from PTC helped a lot. Thanks Chris

*After you create a shell property and you save it in a library, the
library file will appear in your home directory. On a windows machine,
that's C:User Profiles\username by default. I have attached one such
file for your reference.*

I didn't pay attention to Mechanica's Help file 😞 :
*The default location for all library files is your home directory, but you can
move it to a different directory, You can use the environment variable
$HOMEDRIVE$ to set your home directory on Windows platforms.

When you access the library, Mechanica looks for the library file in the
following directories in this order:
1) The directory from which you started Mechanica
2) Home directory ()
3) the lib subdirectory of the Mechanica Home Directory
You can move or copy the library files into any of the above directories*

here is the mechanica_shell_properties_library file *mshlprp.lib*

*shell_property ShellProp2
name "ShellProp2";
description ";
type laminate_layup
symmetry 2
num_lay 2
ply material AL6061 0.400000 45 1;
ply material AL2014 0.200000 -45 1;
thickness 0;
extentional_stiffness_A11 0;
extentional_stiffness_A12 0;
extentional_stiffness_A16 0;
extentional_stiffness_A22 0;
extentional_stiffness_A26 0;
extentional_stiffness_A66 0;
bending_coupling_stiffness_B11 0;
bending_coupling_stiffness_B12 0;
bending_coupling_stiffness_B16 0;
bending_coupling_stiffness_B22 0;
bending_coupling_stiffness_B26 0;
bending_coupling_stiffness_B66 0;
bending_stiffness_D11 0;
bending_stiffness_D12 0;
bending_stiffness_D16 0;
bending_stiffness_D22 0;
bending_stiffness_D26 0;
bending_stiffness_D66 0;
transverse_shear_stiffness_A55 0;
transverse_shear_stiffness_A45 0;
transverse_shear_stiffness_A44 0;
mass_per_unit_area 0;
rotary_inertia_per_unit_area 0;
thermal_resultant_force_N11 0;
thermal_resultant_force_N22 0;
thermal_resultant_force_N12 0;
thermal_resultant_moment_M11 0;
thermal_resultant_moment_M22 0;
thermal_resultant_moment_M12 0;
top_ply_material "AL2014";
calculate_stresses_and_strains FALSE
top_cz 0;
top_orientation 0;
bottom_ply_material "AL2014";
bottom_cz 0;
bottom_orientation 0;

Best regards,


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