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Text height in Tables


Text height in Tables

A few months back I created program that inserts tables and fills them with text. I have to insert the tables as opposed to creating them, because I need to control line display over variable conditions. Anyway, the users now want to make the drawings 1 to 1 scale as opposed to scaled - drawing size is variable, 804 X 516. I have had to scale up (resize) the existing tables I'm inserting by 24.39, and also scaled up the text size. However, when I write to this table, the text will always come in at the default size of 0.625. I have set the file drawing properties but that doesn't matter. If I enter text into the tables manually, the text size comes in big, its only when I add text using toolkit where it comes in very small. I'm adding text using:
ProDwgtableTextEnter(table, col, row, lines);
Any ideas? I'm out of them!

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Hi Mark,

I've done this by creating the text using ProDwgtableTextEnter like you
did where it comes out with the default height but then using the Note
functions to modify the text style to get it to what you want.

For example after you fill the cell use:


Then (eventually) you'll be down to the notetext and you can use

Or any of the other style properties.

Then just fire them back in and you'll have the stuff set the way you
want using:


I can give you sample code if you want but you probably get the idea.
It would be nice if you could just set it when you enter it into the
cell. It has always seemed like way too much work to just change the

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