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Toolkit support DLLs


Toolkit support DLLs


I am trying to put together a DLL that has come common/generic functionality
that we use in a number of our applications. For a simple example:

void __declspec(dllexport) WriteMessageChar(char * Message)
ProName msgfil;

ProStringToWstring(msgfil, "usermsg.txt");
ProMessageDisplay(msgfil, "USER%0s", Message);

might be one of the functions that I would include. Because all of the
functions in this DLL are just support functions, I am not registering it
with Pro/E (maybe this is part of my problem???). Again, since this is not
registered, it does not have a text directory of its own. My thinking is
that if I had a registered toolkit DLL that had a text directory with
usermsg.txt in that directory, that the support DLL would use that text
directory. That does not seem to be the case. Anytime my support DLL
interacts with anything in a text directory, it kills Pro/E. I have tried
to put the usermsg.txt (as well as resource files where required) in the
text directory of the calling DLL and in the text directory of the Pro/E
load point with no success. Has anyone done anything like this before and
could offer some guidance?



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