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UPDATE - ProSelect leaves me holding the bag


UPDATE - ProSelect leaves me holding the bag

After really digging into this, it seems that ProSelect may have
nothing to do with this. I kept commenting out parts of the code, and
it seems that just calling a toolkit program from a menubar menu (top
menu) causes this loss of selection ability. I would define this loss
as the following:
you make a menu pick and the selection filter in the lower right
corner is empty. You can no longer select anything in your graphics
window. You can still select items in the model tree and menu.
I have tried this with other apps and it appears that the problem is
consistent. For Instance I have one program that simply displays a few
key parameter values. Once you do this the selection ability is gone.
I have also verified this same behavior in a third party application.
There is a menu pick in this software that displays parameter values,
and once I do that the selection ability is gone.
After testing this in 2001 the behavior is similiar. While there is no
selection filter, you are still unable to select geometry until the
window is re-activated. We notice the problem in WF3 because to display
tangent lines in a view, you must have the view pre-selected where in
Proe2001, you hit the commands to display the tangents then selected the
I want to avoid a window re-activation as this triggers some other
notification events I have programmed.
My theory is that it is a problem inherent in pull down menus. These
menu calls are created in the initialize function, and when you select
them you are reverting to a "place" where there is no current window.
That's just my guess.
For now, I guess I will just put in a workaround. I am adding a
Proselect statement as the last call in the function, and setting it to
drawing view, because in this case this is what the users are trying to
do next, activate the view.


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