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XML vs. Pro/Process for NC


XML vs. Pro/Process for NC

Good morning gurus!

It's been quite some time that I've been away, but wanted to stop in and say
hello again!

I've started with a new company here who specializes in medical devices.
Great work and a real potential for me to make Pro/NC sing!

I've been spending a great deal of my first few weeks here just going thru
all of the material on PTC's website including all of the Centrals and the
TC webpages.

Being that this company is involved with the medical industry, data is very
critical and all the information you can provide is never enough!

I'm looking to use the software to its fullest extents, but wanted to see
about getting some feedback from the users as to your preferences.

For the most part, I am starting an incubator program to test out the
potential and see what happens from there. The first machine is no easy task
either. We will be taking order of a Willemin-Macodel 408B (5 axis, bar fed
mill) mid-July and the goal is to start from scratch on everything,
paperwork thru programming. Taking a look at our setup sheets and the job
folders it looks like most of that data can be generated directly in Pro/E.

One of my BIG questions is in regards to generating the data. Should I be
utilizing Pro/Process for NC or should I start studying up on XML and
utilizing that new functionality? Anyone have any examples of what they are
doing? Not CAD data, but rather experiences.

Pretty big picture I'm laying out there, I guess I'm just looking for some
helpful feedback so that I can get cracking on this stuff!

I have sent an email out to Francois to get me back on the MFG Goodies page
again so that should be a big help as well.

Thanks in advance and I will post a summary if I get any feedback.

Kind regards,

Aaron C. Spicer
Astro Medical Devices
CAD/CAM Support
(440) 269-6984