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pro_jpeglib -- shared library version conflicts


pro_jpeglib -- shared library version conflicts

I am working with two Auxiliary Applications that appear to be in
conflict with each other with regards to the version of the pro_jpeglib
shared library. Individually both applications run without issue. But
when run in sequence, the following error appears when the second
application is run and the pro_jpeglib is loaded from within the load

Wrong JPEG library version: library is
62, caller expects 61
Both applications are DLL's. I have checked the linked libraries of
both DLL's; neither has a direct dependency on pro_jpeglib.

Does anyone have experience with this problem?


Stuart A. Harvey
🙂 (eMail gets noticed)
😞 818.586.0388 (phone msgs may be recycled)

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I have not ever run into this problem before. My only suggestion is that you
get the source code and recompile both apps with whatever version of Pro you
are using.

Patrick Williams
Applications Engineer
Steelcase Inc.
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